Jane Bowler

Fusion Collection

The collection is derived from a fusion of traditional Japanese straw raincoats and the iconic British Mackintosh. Combining stitchless heat forming techniques and ultra-sonic welding of recycled plastics.

Kiki Smith

IKEA – Homemade is Best

Nuue, 2011 Jungeun Lee

Through a heating process with pressure, wound fibre transforms itself into a 3-dimensional moulded garment bringing expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes with flexible texture. The garment can be completed with only unitary fibre and heat. This technique reduces processes of making fabric from fibre, also from fabric to garment such as making/cutting pattern, and sawing. Therefore there is no leftover or wastage of material in this process.

Boneless, 2011 Shota Aoyagi

A small desk lamp made out of a sheet of leather, containing no framework. The whole structure can be created simply, with a single fold and fixing the symmetrical edges by hand, and that makes two different surfaces/textures of leather appear at the same time.

Contemporary Applied Arts: Intelligent Trouble: Loop

In this exhibition six artists made work between them: suggesting, prompting and responding with objects, materials, sounds and words.  'As much as being finished objects the works in this collection are pauses in ongoing conversations, bringing together exchanges that have happened and pointing to ongoing possibilities. The processes of collective production are laid bare, any ‘aesthetic’ runs deeper than the surface – they look, and sound, like what caused them to be.'

Prototypes and Experiments VI: Casts and Moulds

The Aram Gallery presents Casts and Moulds, the next installment in its on-going exhibition series, Prototypes and Experiments. The sixth show focuses on casting and moulding as a means of manufacture. The exhibition displayed prototypes of design details as well as whole cast projects. These trials, tests and experiments are valuable for both the designer and our inquisitive design audience; providing the latter with a unique chance to explore the design process through its varied stages.

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Advert Selvedge Magazine

My work was feature in the Texile Design Degree Show advert within Selvedge Magazine.

BA ( Honours) Textile Design Degree Show 2011 Central Saint Martins

Congratulations to my peers at Central Saint Martins for some incredible work. From the standard of work I am sure they will all have very successful careers and it was a pleasure working alongside them for the last 3 years. 

Here are my highlights from the show:

Olivia Clifford

Notes on a City

Lucy Coxhead

Modern Day Saints

Charlotte Goodman

Hidden Narratives: Lost Memories of childhood

Jaimee McKenna

The Movement that Found its Expression

Dominic Singh Hans

Future Identity

Grace Taylor

Efflorescent Activity

Nancy Thomson

Shrines and Collections

Virginia Walker

Collect and Collage

All images Copyright of designers please contact them for more information.

Northern Kilns

A very special thank you to all at Northern Kilns for coming to my rescue during production of my final project and for their sponsorship, invaluable expert support and advise.


Thank you to Jesmonite for their material sponsorship through my final collection. I printed onto fabric their water based moulding material. Please visit their website for more information